About Homo Videns 2

Project title: Homo Videns 2
Target group: youngsters with hearing and speaking disabilities (hard of hearing).
Theme: visual expression for youngsters with hearing and speaking disabilities
Homo Videns 2 is the second edition of an extraordinary youth exchange dedicated to youngsters with disabilities.
Homo Videns 2 – visual creative expression for youngsters with hearing and speaking disabilities is a Multilateral Youth Exchange project organized that gathers together eight groups and organizations from EU countries.
The purpose of the project is to initiate 32 youngsters with disabilities in the secrets of the Photographic Art.

Project description:

By participating to Homo videns 2 the 32 youngsters from 8 countries will develop a new set of abilities that allows them to express them self through visual art and communicate in a compelling manner.
The project will improve their personal and social status, helping the participants to build themselves a better future and increase their success opportunities.

The chosen location for Homo Videns 2 is Busteni, a photogenic, pleasant, mountain environment.
Special dissemination measures include the opening of an itinerary Photographic Exhibition featuring the best pictures created by the young participants during the project.

The education methods used during Homo Videns 2 include active, participative, non-formal learning, creative activities, field trips, thematic parties, social interaction and the activities are scheduled in such a manner that the 32 youngsters will definitely enrich their life and discover new and amazing paths for future personal development and social contribution.

Location: Busteni/ Romania.
Activities: field trips, interactive photo sessions, photography basic training, non-formal learning activities, thematic parties, intercultural dialogue and knowing of the cultural diversity.

Participant’s age: 18 -25 with interests in visual arts (selection based on photo portfolio review)
Group: 4 + 1 leader + 1 translator
Activity period: 5 - 12 July 2010
Project Blog: http://www.homovidens2.blogspot.com/